Club 567

Club 567 is a club with events this summer for kids entering 5th, 6th, and 7th grade this fall. This is a time for students to be able to have fun and get to know their peers/leaders in CRkids and CRstudents, along with learning life skills of budgeting and paying for admission/lunch/souvenirs with help and guidance along the way.

For all three events, we will meet at Crossridge Church at 10 am and be back by 4 pm. Transportation is covered to and from the locations. Kids are in charge of their money for admission and lunch (with help and guidance from leaders), so make sure your child has a way of holding their money and not lose it. The pricing below is for admissions and lunch, if your child would like to bring spending money for souvenirs they are welcome to.

June 21 (Zoo)
Price for admission: $12.95 (kids under 11) or 17.95 (kids over 11)
Lunch: $8-13

July 19 (Aviation Museum)
Price for admission: $19
Lunch: $7-15

Aug 23 (Oaks Park)
Price for admission: $20
Lunch: $6-10



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